1:1 Health Coaching

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Uncover The Best Version of You

1:1 Health Coaching

  • Release Self Doubt
  • Understand Nutrition
  • Learn how to read food labels
  • Melt away stress & anxiety
  • Tone Up
  • Create rituals & good habits



I’m passionate about teaching people how to use food as medicine to reach their health goals.

The Process

  1. Before your initial session, you will fill out a Health History form, where we review your goals and current lifestyle

  2. Initial Consultation: Together we will assess your current lifestyle, concerns & goals to create a personalized and tailored plan for you

  3. Follow up Sessions: I’ll incorporate different tools & strategies that best fit your needs and support your goals. I’ll suggest 1-3 diet and lifestyle changes to integrate and build upon from sessions.

  4. You will receive a kitchen/pantry makeover with access to my “Black Book” of brands where I’ve researched and gathered items from each grocery/household category that is Glow by Sacha approved.

  5. In addition, you’ll have unlimited access to me via email/text, you will receive custom recipes, meal plan options, handouts and information 


Achieve your health goals!

We are in it Together.

Together we are an unstoppable team where we create the lifestyle and kitchen/pantry of your dreams. I hold you accountable to your personal health and lifestyle goals and provide you with the guidance you need to reach them.


What’s Included


Get Healthy, Lean & Confident!


you will Get

  • Unlimited access to me via email/text
  • Choose which of my programs can be fit for you
  • Recipes to easily reach your goals
  • Personalized shopping list
  • Customized Mealplan
  • 50 min session bi-weekly
  • Copy of my “Glow by Sacha Black Book”


How It Works



Meet & Greet

First you will fill out a customized Health History form. allows me to better understand what your dietary needs are to best shape your fitness goals.


Initial Consultation

Together we will assess your Health history and go through a comprehensive consultation Together we’ll create a personalized and tailored plan to fit your needs.


Follow Up Session

I’ll incorporate different tools & strategies that best fit your needs & support your goals. Together we’ll create the lifestyle & body of your dreams from the inside out



Nourish Your Temple!

Learn, Implement & Achieve.

You will learn all my secrets & recommendations for all things mind, body & nutrition. We will cover it all together while you have my unconditional support and guidance.


1:1 Health Coaching

One Month Glowgram

This program is for those who need a little guidance & structure when it comes to their health & nutrition. You already have a healthy lifestyle foundation and want to step it up a notch to reach your health goals.

3 Month Glowgram

Deep dive into the physical, emotional & spiritual aspects of your health.
Incorporate life-long changes into your nutrition & lifestyle.

6 Month Glowgram

Learn all my secrets to embodying and living your best, healthiest & happiest life. NO stone is left unturned! Together we layer on the foundations to build the body and mindset you’ve always desired.

You will Learn how to :

  • Read food labels
  • Food shop
  • Look out for harmful ingredients
  • Create easy, delicious & healthy meals
  • Maintain a comfortable & healthy lifetsyle



“This is not your typical nutrition coaching, this is soul work & you will leave feeling empowered, motivated and energized in ways you never imagined possible.”